What is email verification?

Email verification is a process of determining whether an email addresse is actually Exist or not without sending email. The email verification tool connects to the mail server & checks whether the mailbox exists.

Why Email Verification required?

If you are looking at email marketing and have a database, it would be beneficial to have active email id’s for good Email Campaign delivery rate and open rate. This tool will help you achieve that and decrease bounce rate for a better email marketing campaign, You will just have to copy and paste the email id’s in the tool and pick the format in which you want the report (COPY, Text, CSV & Excel Data format)

What is the accuracy?

For some domains you can't verify whether the address is good or not, because some domain might restrict access.

What about data security?

We are not storing/saving accessing any users data on our server. We process whatever data submitted by user in server memory and it will automatically deleted from server.