1. What is the purpose of this tool?

This mybulkemailverifier.com is free email verification tool lets you verify if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exists.

2. Do I need to download and install any software?

No. mybulkemailverifier.com is an online service. Just copy paste your email address in inputbox and get your result

3. Will my IP get blocked?

No. Our servers do all the work. Your IP is totally safe.

4. How are email addresses checked?

We check each and every email at 4 levels:

  1. Syntax – Is the address in the right format? (e.g. example@mybulkemailverifier.com)
  2. Domain- Is domain is available or ping result successful?
  3. MX – Does a mail server exist for a domain?
  4. Mailbox – Our server talks to remote mail server and asks “Does this mail box exist?”

5. How fast is it?

It is very fast. We use multi-threaded programs to verify emails.

6. How do I export results out of the system?

You can export results as a CSV, PDF, COPY & xls file. Also you will get result in JSON format also.

7. Are there any emails that can’t be checked?

For servers that we know give problems, such as those that give false positives (catch-all), we flag the email address appropriately.

8. How accurate is this service?

Very. For various technical reasons, it is the most accurate service that you can find anywhere and we aim for over 90% overall accuracy of invalid/good emails based on a typical list.

9. Do you offer an API service?

Yes, we do have an API if you require customization for your own project. Learn more about our mybulkemailverifier.com Email Verification API.

10. What browsers do you support?

You can use any browser even we support almost all mobile browsers.

11. What is the pricing of the email verifications?

Every verification counts as one request. With a free account, you can use up to 100 requests. If you want to use API please check our pricing for more information.

13. Does mybulkemailverifier.com always work?

No, not always. Some servers only connect to the internet at specified times to retrieve the e-mails that are queued at a secondary SMTP server. Even worse, some SMTP servers don't give any information about the validity of an e-mail address, so there's no way of knowing if an e-mail address is valid (except by sending an actual mail to it, and seeing if it bounces or not).

14. Is mybulkemailverifier.com free?

Yes, mybulkemailverifier.com is free for e-mail address when checked via the website.